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High resolution than PS5, suspiciously 60 fps - Nerd 4. Life

High resolution than PS5, suspiciously 60 fps – Nerd 4. Life

Marvel’s Avengers More to come Xbox Series X | S. Next month, and Square Enix has released a chart revealing one Higher resolution than PS5 But a big doubt 60 FPS.

Let’s take a step back: yesterday the publisher revealed the Marvel Avengers improvements and differences on the PS5 compared to the PS4, explicitly mentioning the two graphic modes available, one 4K E with checkerboard 60 frames per second, Another with native 4K and 30fps.

Well, in case Xbox Series X. We are talking about a method a 4K Native And “with advanced frame rate”, but 60 fps is not specified, so it may be omitted from the options. Or the unopened frame rate may have been enabled, but did not reach 60 frames.

His Xbox Series S The actual resolution will be instead 1440 p, Without a clear indication of 60 fps in this case, but only the line that talks about the improved frame rate compared to the Xbox One.

Marvel's Avengers XXX upgrades

We will have to wait March 18 To understand how things stand on two platforms The next generation, And coincidentally the developers were able to get the Xbox Series X at 60 fps without explicitly mentioning the actual 4K.

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