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Microids will release a Grendizer video game for us - News

Microids will release a Grendizer video game for us – News

Information is still scarce, but confirms that Microids has negotiated this adaptation through its CEO Stephen Langard Dynamic planning, The production house founded in 1974 by the beloved Ko Nagai of this manga, but who is particularly popular with the French public, discovered on Antennae 2 in the summer of 1978? Beautiful Honey, Devilman And Masinger Z. Go Naga also received the uniqueness of Chevalier de l’Artre des Arts et des Letterus during the Japan Expo 2019.

In the development of the computer and unspecified consoles, this game will tell the adventures of Prince Daisuk or the actress on our side, and the adventures of his robot grinder / grinder who escaped from his home planet. A story “Touch” fully “Courage, action and treachery“, We are told.

If the Japanese public would undoubtedly ask why a game should be created in a manga, its characters and megas always satisfy in a few looks Super Robot Tyson, article illustrates the situation by explaining that Coldorac is one of the fiery cartoons of French interest in Japanese animation. The latest game, as revealed by Bandai Namco Captain Subasa It would not have seen daylight without the persuasion of a European subsidiary in France.

When we create this title, we hope to turn it into a game that early fans will be happy with. Our production team will provide everything we need to make a game come true in the essence of the original work.“, Stephen Langard commented, without knowing which studio is responsible for developing the game.

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