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Telegram receives translations, better QR codes and more with updates

Telegram receives translations, better QR codes and more with updates


ApplicationsTelegram receives translations, better QR codes and more with updates

Telegram has released another important update. The new version brings improved utilization of translations and reactions to messages. In addition, new options for text markup have been introduced.

The Telegram received another major update. The update to version 8.4 brings some new functionality to Messenger, which has more users after WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but it has become controversial as it has become a magnet for extremists.

In the latest update for version 8.4 for iOS and Android, Telegram brings translations, among other things, available for chats and in-group messaging, to show how much better they are in case of doubt.

Further improvements make it easier to send reactions to a message and involve the use of experimental labeling and QR codes, for example group sharing.

Details of the new features of Telegram 8.4

Below are the developers’ tips Telegraph For the latest update to version 8.4 for iOS (link)


Quick: thumbsup: To reply, tap the message twice.
When you press and hold a message, there are more reactions to choose from.
Change your default emoji in Settings> Stickers and Emoji.
உரிம Owners and managers of groups or channels can execute reactions under Alternate> Reactions on the group or channel profile.


After entering the text in the text input field, select ‘Spoiler’ in the Design menu to highlight your text and hide the selected text.
In the chat, tap the spoiler animation to see the hidden text.
Spoiler design hides text in chat, chat list and messages (announcements).

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Enable the translation function in the settings under the language.
To translate something, hold down the chat message and select “Translate”.

QR codes

Settings can display your personal QR code, which indicates your public link.
You can see the QR code you can share at any time on the profile of public groups, bots and channels.

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