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New scam on WhatsApp: Beware of messages coming from unknown numbers

Regular ” WABetaInfo Reports a new scam on WhatsApp, which aims to snatch personal information through messages This Reported by unknown numbers

Unknown Numbers Scam on WhatsApp (Unsplash)

The Scams on WhatsApp As various reports on the web show that fake gift vouchers and links containing dangerous viruses are ready to rip the security of smartphones, they seem to be running very fast. The reason why attackers use the instant messaging app to attract new victims is closely linked to the huge popularity it has gained over the years. Share, A note to keep in touch with those we now know.

If fake gift certificates Share Now a real routine (but there are actually those who fall for it, perhaps because they are attracted to the gift), not to mention the latest scam reported by the expert. WABetaInfo. According to the source, some users have received Messages from VOIP numbers “Sorry, who are you? I saw you in my passage”, in order to fight and deceive the target person.

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New scam on WhatsApp: Do not give personal information to unknown contacts

WhatsApp cheats unknown numbers
New scam on WhatsApp reported by WABetaInfo (Image WABetaInfo)

Thus, we do not encounter strange connections revealed by St. Anthony’s classic chains, but rather in the middle of the conversation, our speaker (the attacker, really) begins the conversation with the sole purpose of extorting money. Personal information and social contacts, Which can then be misused by the fraudster for a lesser purpose than noble purposes.

We have no information on how it spread WhatsApp scam In Italy, but in any case a general discourse is valid: do not provide personal information to unknown contacts, if necessary immediately report the contacts to WhatsApp and block the number. Beware of bizarre links other than actual phishing attacks targeting the user’s bank and confidential data.

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Per Report a contact on WhatsApp Enter the contact info screen and click on the appropriate item.