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TERME CARAMANICO CLOSHER, PD: "Regional Council Download Others Personal Bankruptcy" |  The latest news from Abruzzo

TERME CARAMANICO CLOSHER, PD: “Regional Council Download Others Personal Bankruptcy” | The latest news from Abruzzo

Caramanico Term – “If there is only one commitment, after more than a century of history, the Caramanico bath is closed because the region is governed by Giunta Marcelio and is not even ashamed of allowing a total recession.

This is what he declares Silvio Paulusi, After reading the reports of the Democratic Regional Councilor, President Marcelio and the Councilor for Health, on the sidelines of a meeting with the bankruptcy trustee of the company that manages the thermal power plant.

“The previous regional council, like many companies in our region, provided a set of regulatory and financial tools that would allow the continuation of the production of spa facilities in the context of the bankruptcy process without destroying the image of a strategy. The initiative is a clumsy attempt to accomplish the proper functions of regional structures.

The senator is also intervening in the matter Luciano de Alfonso: “Karamaniko’s community – regional leader Emeritus declares – must have clear and concrete answers because they have been ridiculed by all those who promised to solve a situation that completely collapsed due to difficulties but did not raise a finger.

Siosa Mario Masoka, D’Alphonso Council Regional Undersecretary, “Marcelio & Co’s nearly three years of inactivity. In this case, a question arises spontaneously: cui prodest?”

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