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Switch is not as fun as that!

Switch is not as fun as that!

The Nintendo Switch does a lot of things right, and is versatile. However, there is often a serious drawback when our technical teacher wants to turn off and replace the console after work. What leads to need: Nintendo, please upgrade.

Nintendo Switch: Why I have a love-hate relationship with the console

I didn’t want to be an outspoken hardcore fan of the Nintendo Switch, and as it was, I got used to Sony. Still, I think the console Very awesomeIn terms of flexibility, it can’t hold either the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X / S. Portable Portable, portable and classic console – if you’ve been looking for it, you’ll only find it on Nintendo. But in a way the Nintendo Switch drives me on a regular basis To the brink of despair, Because I often can not control the motion control of the Joy-con controller.

For a better understanding from the Super Mario party: Marching at the right time or slapping with a baseball bat at the right time to run – As a drummer, it was the many mini-games about rhythm that really impressed me. This is very frustrating when these are constantly interrupted by computer alerts.

I can not calculate – or I do not want to go into trouble – our home switch advised me not to strike so hard, not to go too far. I want to focus on the environment and my team players. Good, Perfect and importantThat’s right, I will too. But every time the game is interrupted by a computer message that is displayed. When the right time comes, it is Being torn from a flow like that is really annoying.

But what can I do? I am now over 1.80 meters and have long arms My head refuses I was stubborn before to control the baseball bat with a small picture on the wrist like I was standing at a miniature table tennis table.

Joy-con-drift has been complaining for a long time – right. Zig YouTube videos Show how to fix the problem. But I need the opportunity to do that To control the sensitivity of the motion control in the joy-con. When I play a digital baseball bat, I can use my whole arm.

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No chance for total motor skills: fine-tuning is Joy-Khan’s weakness

In Nintendo’s view, this could be a major issue affecting only a handful of players. Or you can Want to play it safe? Am I not responsible for “hitting me” at home? When I don’t play, I can understand it. However This will spoil the fun of the game in the heat of the moment It doesn’t have to be.

It continues: For example, if I lift my digital stick upwards while marching at a Super Mario party, the switch will not record two or three movements from time to time: up – down – up. No points for that, not in the game, not even from me to Nintendo. I’m probably too frantic and will be punished for having total motor skills.

Despite my difficulties, do you want to go to the Super Mario party? More about the game in the trailer:

Nintendo, please help!

Granted, part of the problem Can be explained by delay. Fast gaming TV will not be affected if you face the same problem. Nevertheless, I would like to break a Lance here for everyone who fails to Lance. You are not alone.

I want Nintendo to work on bringing video games and reality closer. Can anything be done with OLED and 4K before releasing the new version? Since the Big Bang theory is recent, we know that game and console developers can only accommodate us to a certain extent. If you want a real feel for the game, you can get creative, and like Sheldon, draw arrows from the screen after archery.

Very seriously, I take Nintendo’s warning that I will not tie my Joy-Con to a baseball bat with a ring-fit belt. Above all, I focus on my teammates.

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