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Senior Scrolls: Knives - Update 1.12 Patch Notes

Senior Scrolls: Knives – Update 1.12 Patch Notes

The Elder Scrolls: Plates Update 1.12 Here! Get ready for all the new event quests and get new rewards at Seal Store. See below for a full list of improvements:

New Event Quests!

  • Celebrate Jesters Day (March 27) and experience a new event quest with the mysterious cheater!
  • Avoid embracing the immortality of the Crypt of Flames in the upcoming event search.

New offers at Seal Store!

  • Wanderers, Treasure, Architect, Black, and Enchanting Packages are now available to a wide range of players.
  • Coming soon with ancient Norse weapons, the “Fang of the Serpent”, and the famous venomous blade.


  • Clarity of speech regarding rewards of famous breasts.
  • Exhausted ancient dragons removed the burning breath of the attack.
  • Slightly increased versions of Damaged Stamina in Level 10 and Second Mantras of Magic damaged at the maximum level.
  • Constantia will now stay in the city after completing the last goblin hunt search.
  • Servant of the Blue God added a chest to the loot in the event search.
  • Return of the original look of the game icon.

Bug fixes

  • Arena: Fixed a bug where magic and stamina levels appear to be damaged when attacking an opponent who is lowering using an enchanted shield.
  • Arena: Fixed a split where players could exploit to compose sword strike to avoid reload times.
  • Quest: Fixed a bug that prevented the final purpose of the search from appearing complete.
  • Store: Fixed a malfunction that could occur after purchasing items directly from the pop-up menu.
  • Switch: Fixed a crash that could have occurred when the character creation was canceled
  • City: Fixed an accident that may have occurred while talking to the sky.
  • Many typos and other minor bugs were fixed.
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