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Exit: Movers in Paradise - Test Nintendo Switch

Exit: Movers in Paradise – Test Nintendo Switch

Released almost 1 year ago, the game Moving out of Team 17, Offers us to run Movers considering the most fun local multiplayer. This year, a heavenly DLC adventure is being updated and enhanced: Moving to heaven

So moving takes us on city maps with different houses and other buildings. Every move is a level where you have to be quick to get more or less points. We include funny characters, animals and other weird creatures, so we need to move them and find different items to bring in our moving van.

In principle, this is very simple, but you should not be idle! If it is easy to get a flower pot, it will be very difficult to find a sofa, in this case the team spirit will take all its interest! You also have to think about storing the components in the truck so that everything fits, there it will soon be big mess.

In addition to filling the truck on time, there are some bonuses or penalties depending on the level of performance performed on the level: Do not break the windows, hit some baskets of sneakers, that kind of thing …

So there is this great principle of moving to paradise, but the sun is in an island paradise with sand and coconut trees … but the island says wildlife, and you have to deal with face crabs or other monkeys stealing items from you quickly in the truck! A nice room and they will be chased away for a while …

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