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Surprisingly, OnePlus regulates OxygenOS 13, which it does not

While we expected the OxygenOS interface to disappear from radar, OnePlus unveiled a new headline about OxygenOS 13 directly in its forum. Although this software version may not be available.


Source: One Plus

But what does OnePlus play? The Chinese manufacturer has officially announced its intentions Connect its OxygenOS software interface With its parent company Oppo called ColorOS. VisitAndroid 12 OnePlus’ OS started this project because it uses the same technology platform as its congener.

By the end of 2022, the two systems will have merged to form a complete system, as it is called. H2OOS. – This name is only an unbelievable rumor. Obviously, we did not expect OxygenOS 13 to be on display this year. However, the manufacturer is really open Thread “Open ears” about him.


Organized on February 28th, this future “open ears” session will be an opportunity for users (up to 15 people) and developers to discuss. Except here, the situation is inevitably confusing with regard to the common motives displayed by OnePlus and Oppo. Because the integrated OS, as a reminder, should land in the second half of 2022.

However, following the logic of OnePlus’ software deployment schedule, OxygenOS 13, based on Android 13, will arrive in the second half of the year. In the idea, the two systems will merge into one. Which does not really make sense.

Official Render of OnePlus 10 Pro.

Official Render of OnePlus 10 Pro. // Source: OnePlus

Believed to be visible Android Commission, The integrated OS is expected to debut in the OnePlus flagship. Let us first think about that OnePlus 10 Pro – It already runs ColorOS in China – It is actually based on OxygenOS 12 which is based on Android 12. Will the “T” version launch a new union? The question is asked.


Another hypothesis is that the Asian manufacturer is lagging behind in implementing its new integrated OS. If this version is not ready in time, it may take a few months for OxygenOS to be permanently replaced. One way for OnePlus to maintain software stability.

In all cases, OxygenOS will disappear in the near future. Only its end date seems even more uncertain: it seems to be conditional on the progress of the integrated system above all else, which will once again determine its fate. Until then, the OnePlus interface will be talked about a little more.

Especially this month of announcements, OnePlus adds its stone to the building. OnePlus Nord CE 2 will be released on February 17th. But it will not be for everyone …
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