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Microsoft sends an alert to those who have installed the OS on an incompatible computer

Windows 11 has been available for several months to all users who want to download the update. If you have a new version installed on an incompatible computer, you will receive an alert shortly.

Credit: Albacore

In this new version of Windows, Microsoft has announced that it has deceived many users Most PCs over the age of 3 or 4 require a minimal computer. Before starting the installation, check the PC Health Check, which allows you to verify that the PC meets the hardware requirements of Windows 11.

We explained to you that even if your computer does not meet all the criteria, it is still possible to download the latest version of Windows 11, and Microsoft has finally decided not to install the OS on the old system. Users who want to override Microsoft’s recommendations Warning coming soon.

Microsoft notifies Windows 11 users if their PC is not compatible

If you have Windows 11 installed on your computer and it does not meet Microsoft’s requirements, A new alert will be issued by the company shortly to warn you that your PC is incompatible. In fact, it reminds me of you. ” System requirements not met “.

So should we worry? This little reminder does not affect how Windows 11 works on your device, but when you click ” Learn more “, You can find out A clear warning from Microsoft. ” Devices that do not meet this system requirements, including security updates but are not guaranteed to receive unlimited updates. Microsoft warned.

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This warning may also be a code for Microsoft counting Tighten the screw on the possibility of installing its new OS on incompatible computers. If your device no longer receives security updates, it could expose it to hackers, which could eventually become a disaster. Therefore other measures may be taken to ensure that computers that do not officially comply with the specifications cannot use all aspects of the operating system.

Source: Windows Latest