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Google Arts & Culture, Cultureo ... 5 Art Apps to Develop Yourself - 02/13/2022 08:30 pm

Google Arts & Culture, Cultureo … 5 Art Apps to Develop Yourself – 02/13/2022 08:30 pm

Discover our top 5 cultural apps for download. Photo credit: Getty Images

It is possible to find art and museums around the world with your mobile phone. Master paintings, sculptures, photographs are now accessible to everyone. Art History Lessons, Surprising Events, Virtual Tours: 5 Apps To Download To Develop Yourself Wherever You Are.

1. Google Arts & Culture, very complete

With partnerships with over 7 million works and the world’s largest museums, Google Arts & Culture is a true gold mine. Thanks to browsing through the theme, you will gain access to folders that group texts and videos together, and enlarge the heart of the works. Thanks to virtual reality, pocket galleries allow you to immerse yourself in an exhibition space. Take a look at the many interactive digital functions such as Art Selfie, which allow you to discover the look of your painting in a unique way, as well as an art projector that introduces Van Gogh’s life-size painting or a re-creation of the Chauvet Cave in your living room.

Free application.

2. Arts, unusual and fascinating events

ArtTips is not only a newsletter sent out 3 times a week, but also an app that hides the greatest secrets of art history, thanking hundreds of events about the best museums, artists, works or monuments. Short stories written by historians, guides and lecturers will allow you to grow in a fun way.

Free application. Improved version of the tariff.

3. Cultureo, very detective

This application offers very rich content, expressing around themes borrowed from art, but also from history and cinema. Available in written form with short articles or in audio version in podcast mode, these accessible and fun decodings for 5 to 10 minutes will allow you to enhance your common culture. Benefits: A quiz to test your knowledge at the end of each content, literary suggestions and good cultural tips.

Free application. Premium version 4.99 euros / month.

4. Minitobo, for those in a hurry

Minitopo is a cultural micro-learning application designed for all interested people. Once downloaded, you can access the library of themes, whether it is a question of art, but a question of science, travel or gastronomy. “Lessons” come in the form of instant messaging conversations. A dynamic text decorated with pictures to learn about all the lessons.

Free application. Improved version of the tariff.

5. Street art cities, for those who like urban art

Works of street art adorn the walls around the world. During the day or on the go, select your city and wander the streets as you would in an open-air museum and discover hidden nails. The application allows you to read a short descriptive text about each work, work and artist.

Free application. Improved version of the tariff.

Smartify: The Shajam of Art of Art

Wondering who painted this picture? In the same way that Shazam recognizes music, Smartify tells you from a simple photo, author, date of creation, history or exhibition location of a work. A unique application to bring art within everyone’s boundaries!

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