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Turin, David Nicola gets the confidence of his team

Toro’s coach gathers support for his team, he admits with a smile: “We’re lucky to have a coach like Nicola.”

That circle in the middle of the field, the team formed a wall around Nicola, at the end of the match against Benevento, corrected in the challenges that came later, turned to the public and the grenade team, Nicola attracting everyone and the people of Del Toro already known as a player of a competitive evil. The attitude of the new coach, who was able to provoke an atmosphere of some dim atmosphere of optimism and has now resigned for a season, makes it seem impossible to straighten out. After all, an attitude seen until a few days ago with the image of a quiet giampolo.

Little: “We had to deal with some situations better”

To confirm that, a month after Nicola arrived, Salvador Sirigu also agreed after the draw against Genoa. “We had to deal with some situations better when the results did not come“. Not only did the group admit guilt coming from the mouth of one of the most representative players, but it also came from one of the victims of Toro’s collapse and many mistakes confirm this.

Admission to a group that needs a shock, someone who has given the right motivation to face and react to difficulties. This would complicate not only the technical commands for him, but above all the privileges of constantly believing in a goal. Because it’s above all else. “Going to the domain is difficult, not having the right motivation or those results It gives you more peace of mind“.

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The team encourages Nicola

That shock brought Nicola to her. The confirmation of the field, it is true, is still subtle, and the results are certainly not comforting or sufficient to push the grass, but the first promotion, most importantly, the coach collects from his team. From his boys, he said he always believed. “We are lucky to have a coach who tries to make the best use of every situationAnd – said Siriku – It makes you see the world with different eyes, and it helps a lot to face everyday life“. So, the right coach seems to be there: now that Alibi is gone, confirmation has to come from the field.

Andrea Belotti and David Nicola