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Successful Hobby: Applications for Long Train Journeys

Successful hobby
Applications for long train journeys

With the right applications, long train journeys will not be boring.

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If you do not want to be bored on the train, you can prepare it at home and download these processors.

A good book or magazine will help you to pass the time during train journeys. But if you want to carry as little of your luggage as possible, there are countless possibilities to distract yourself from your smartphone – because it will always be with you.

Exciting stories

Train travel, for example, is the best way to immerse yourself in an audio book. Popular applications for fans of loud reading or radio plays include Audible, Bookbeat And Audiobooks of Teaser. In all three applications, you can download audiobooks in advance and enjoy driving. This means users do not have to use any data size while moving. Teaser and Bookbeat audiobooks use flat-rate models when purchasing Audible personal titles. All of the alternatives mentioned offer free trial periods.

Excellent music

If you prefer to listen to music or podcasts instead, you can count on one of the applications of well-known music streaming providers – including Spotify, Apple Music, Teaser Or YouTube Music. With all the alternatives mentioned, users can access millions of songs for a monthly fee and stream songs, albums and playlists directly or download in advance. Many providers also offer free variants, however, their range of functions and ads is limited.

Watch movies or series

There are many alternatives for movie and series fans, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV + Or Disney +. Again, a lot of content can be downloaded in advance and then viewed offline. All the services mentioned have movies and series in their program which can only be viewed on their premises. Amazon and Apple offer free trial periods to learn about the offer. Otherwise, there are different costs per month or year, depending on the service. By the way, users YouTube Premium You can download more videos and watch them offline.

Countless games

In the App Store and Google Play Store, there are of course countless games to pass the time. For example, there are entertainment games with a train theme, including the implementation of the classic board game “Ticket to Ride”It is also known as “train by train” in Germany. There may be another alternative “Mini Metro”. Here, players need to keep the underground network of the growing city running.


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