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Xiaomi has agreed to drop the name "Mi" for its smartphones

Xiaomi has agreed to drop the name “Mi” for its smartphones

Ten years after Xiaomi launched its first Mi-branded smartphone, Xiaomi has decided to drop this little prefix in favor of “very simply”. From the end of the year, the brand’s future products will be called Xiaomi 12, not Xiaomi Mi12.

Mi will not give up anymore The. Xiaomi Mi smartphones will soon become Xiaomi “Short” and will only adopt their brand name. A way for the manufacturer to assert itself and shine easily internationally.

According to the company, the change will be effective. “2021 from the third quarter“: So, please understand that all of Xiaomi’s announcements will accept this naming. This will be especially the case for the smartphone (s) that Xiaomi is planning to launch on September 15th. “This is the brand’s first smartphone to drop.

Will this be the first step before the broad standardization and abandonment of the name Redmi? It doesn’t seem to be on the agenda, highlighting the brand’s official communication app “Xiaomi and Redmi logotypes under the Thai brand logo” On its latest devices. Xiaomi did not mention a possible name change for its interface, MIUI makes extensive use of the “Mi” brand with its community, which became “Mi fans”. On the other hand, the mark indicates “The value of the Xiaomi and Redmi product lines will also be used [son] For ecosystems and IoT products over time “. Smartwatches range from the first to all types of Mi products Scooters And electric bikes, by the way TVs.