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Aliens Fireteam Elite-Ter Survival-Coupe-Shooter In Launch-Trailer

Aliens Fireteam Elite-Ter Survival-Coupe-Shooter In Launch-Trailer

With Aliens: FireTeam Elite, a new collaborative shooter now available, set in the famous alien universe. As a fire brigade, soldiers can choose to fight the dangerous Xenomorph alone or with friends.

Aliens: FireTeam Elite …

Aliens: Fire Team… a co-shooter …

Aliens: Fire Team… In the Aliens universe

Just in time to get started, Focus Home Interactive has released an atmospheric release trailer. As it shows, the Colonial Marines explore the U.S. Endeavor, which was overthrown by genomes, from a third-person perspective. In total, the game covers four different campaigns, with the plot set 23 years after the original film trilogy. If you prefer, you can join two friends or join AI assistants.

In addition to eleven different Xenomorph races, the game also features some of the most dangerous Wayland-Utani synths. Players can choose from five different classes and use more than thirty weapons with more than 70 modifications. Aliens: FireTeam Elite is for PC PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One And Xbox Series X / S Available

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