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Stadia: "FIFA 21" and "For Cry 6" are coming for cloud service

Stadia: “FIFA 21” and “For Cry 6” are coming for cloud service

Google has announced that several games will be available on the Stadia Cloud Gaming service in the coming months. Features of the games provided “FIFA 21” and “For Cry 6” were released last October for PCs and consoles and are currently in development at Ubisoft.

A total of 100 new games will be added to the Stadia offer throughout the year. It starts on February 23 with “Sante: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition” and “Sande: Risky’s Revenge – Directors Cut” which were released for PC in 2016 and 2014. It continues on March 2 “It came from space and ate our brains”, which was first released in 2015.

The current version of EA’s successful game series “FIFA 21” will continue on March 17. Google announced the release of the “FIFA” game for Stadia last April, but the already available part was never available from the “FIFA 20” cloud gaming service. “FIFA 21” will be followed by “Case and the Wild Masks”, “Judgment”, “Killer Queen Black”, “Street Power Football” and “Hellpoint”.

Ubisoft’s upcoming action game “For Cry 6” has also been announced for Stadia, which Google reaffirms in its current blog post. Release date is not yet known. Developer Ubisoft is by far one of the few companies to release their games reliably and in a timely manner on Google’s Cloud Gaming platform. “Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla” appeared simultaneously on Stadia and PC and game consoles.

In early February, Google announced the end of its own Stadia development studios. First, Google wanted to create exclusive games for its cloud platform, with acquired development teams that could exploit their technical properties. However, the plan failed: a title was not announced until these development studios closed. Working developers should have the opportunity to work in other Google departments. Well known developer Jade Raymond has already left Google.

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Google has justified its controversial move with the costs of creating blockbuster video games. Instead, the company wants to limit itself to working with partners in the future. This is not easy: big game companies like Microsoft and Sony are developing games for their own platforms and will not be offering their games on Stadia in the future.

Developers of popular multiplayer titles such as “League of Legends” (Riot Game), “Overwatch” (Blizzard), “Counter-Strike: GO” (Valve) and “Fort Knight” (Epic Game) have not been released on Stadia, EA its Also operates its own cloud gaming service. So the game selection at Stadia is even thinner, especially in the AAA area. Most recently, however, the cloud gaming service successfully launched “Cyberbunk 2077”.


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