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Exclusive album on METAL HAMMER 04/2021 only

Exclusive album on METAL HAMMER 04/2021 only

In the next issue we will give you an exclusive eSpressure CD! In addition to the big cover story with all the information about the new album, we also give you exclusive photos and a behind-the-scenes look. A fat metal hammer package awaits you during the release of Life Match Monster from Espressor, which presents a real board. The April issue is over Pre-ordered Comes to you for free (so no extra postage!): Attention: Ship by March 10, 2021, the date of our April issue!

NDH Kings returns with their new album LIEBE MACHT MONSTER. With and in advance, they publish Das only in the April issue of Metal Hammer exklusive album MAXIMUM MONSTER, With 8 exclusive and rare tracks previously unreleased on CD. For real fans and collectors – and only when the stock lasts!

The exclusive Espressor CD Metal Hammer release is only available with 04/2021 (kiosks from March 10).

Tracklist MAXIMUM MONSTER from the Espressor album:

  1. FAKK (album version not released on CD)
  3. Good and Bad (radio version not released on CD)
  4. Ice Age – Live @ Mera Luna (Unpublished)
  5. We are gold (RARE VERSION)
  6. FAKK Versus Goliath Remix (UNPUBLISHED)
  7. Model – Live நேர Mera Luna (unpublished)

Shipping Release 10.3 to., Free postage in Germany

Additional Information – Attention!

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The PDF version of the release can be downloaded from 10.3. You can buy it here:

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