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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, Square Enix talks about the game world - Live 4.Life

Sports News will be announced this week –

Final Fantasy 7 remake There will be a protagonist Special Notice Will take place February 13, In case Orchestra concert Organized by Square Enix this weekend, there will also be interesting news for the game.

He is the producer Motomu toriama, Among those responsible for the Square Enix project, it has been reported via Twitter that important announcements will be made on the final Fantasy 7 remake on February 13th. “Content” of the game, Although it is not clear what it is.

This is a news translation from Japanese (unofficial translation, so there may be errors): “There will be a special section of the concert where I will look and talk a little bit about the contents of the final Fantasy 7 remake. Event, So follow him! “

The definition of “content” may lend itself to different interpretations, so it is difficult to understand what it is about, but different theories are on the way, all interesting: if explained more precisely, it will appear Additions or DLC. For the Final Fantasy 7 remake, even though it may seem strange and incomplete because it is a remake, it makes little sense to focus on the development of the extension in implementing only the first part of the game.

Other popular interpretations have a possible version PS5 The next gen remake of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which has already been rumored to be coming along with the PC version, seems to be the most feasible. Finally, this may be the version as well Xbox, Consider that the year exclusively affiliated with Sony is now coming to an end.

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