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That’s why Bioware chose Remaster and didn’t remake

That’s why Bioware chose Remaster and didn’t remake

During a new interview with’s microphone for project director Mac Walters ed il character / Director of Environment Kevin Meek They explored the reasons that led BioVare to create the Mass Effect Legendary version.

Apparently, when the idea of ​​remaking the Mass Effect trilogy began to progress actively through its courses, Biover immediately asked himself a question: Remaster O Remake? Facing each other, and paying particular attention to social feedback, the developers finally chose a redesigned version of the three chapters dedicated to Commander Shepherd’s epic, and so on. Bioware explaining the reasons for this choice:

“When we started talking about remastering again, it was almost two years for Casey [Hudson] He came back with us and until then we discussed what the Mass Effect was and if the right time had come. We finally got the momentum we expected to propose a system that could bring life to what is now called the Legendary Edition.

Something that really helped us to focusNotice the way fans talk about Shepherd, They call him “My Shepherd”, who is very possessive of him, but in a strong and sensible way. This includes not only the protagonist, but every Shepherd story, his story curve, and all the choices he made along the way. So, we quickly realized that these are the choices, story and plot points that everyone wants Changing these features was questionable. We’re not going to change any of those things, not the story or the characters, that’s it Pushed us further towards a real restoration.

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We remember it The legendary version of the mass effect PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X | Will be released on May 14th in a backward compatible version of the S. Bioware showed one Highlighted graphic comparison of technological improvements. For more details on Remaster, we refer you to us Legendary Edition of Antebrima de Mass Effect.