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The use of "dorffunk" informs the citizens of the community

The use of “dorffunk” informs the citizens of the community

Not only does the municipality of Farenrook want to retain time, it also wants to inform its citizens faster than ever before. Instead of being kept updated via the Drew-Land office’s 14-day newsletter of “Ans Toby”, it was previously customary that in the future Forensics would also be kept updated via the free “Dorffunk” app. With the online marketplace “Pestellanbar”, the service “Lifebar”, the local online portal “Torfnews” and the communication center “Torfunk”, the project is in high demand more than ever, especially during closed times.

The “Digital Villages” project, funded by the Ministry of the Interior, the Development Agency and the Fraunhofer Institute of Experimental Software Engineering (IESE), departed from the Rhineland-Palatinate. Many cities and municipalities in the Zuckerberg district now use the app. The Blank community has been around for a year.

The use changes the rumors about the garden fence

The local history museum has put together a new exhibition, the Sports Club’s training should be canceled at short notice or a single senior is bedridden with the flu and urgently needs medicine from a nearby pharmacy: the potential for use of “Torfunk” is excellent. Citizens can offer their help or ask for help. But don’t ignore the latest gossip spread while chatting on the garden fence.

Digital Villages – New Opportunities for Rural Areas

In the summer of 2015 The Franhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE) in the Rhineland-Palatinate has begun to explore the challenges of today’s life in rural areas in relation to digitalization. The “Digital Villages” project, funded by the Ministry of the Interior and Sports Ministry of the Rhineland-Baltinate, Franhofer IESE and the Rhineland-Baltinate Development Agency, is considered a precursor to the many initiatives that have emerged in Germany. The “Digital Villages” program includes the “Orderbar” online marketplace and the service that “Lifebar” brings. In the second phase of the project, the “Torfnews” and “Torffunk” projects added movement and communication topics.

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Additional information on “Digital Villages” Available on the Internet You can download the “DorfFunk” app for free from the respective app stores for Android and iOS operating systems.

Rainer G., mayor of Fornrook. For Martin, this application is a way of communicating to the community at short notice. “If the water pipe in the village breaks and the roads have to be closed – I can quickly reach out to our fellow citizens via ‘Dorfunk’ and inform them about the diversion. So, it would be nice if you could download the app as soon as possible,” the mayor said.

Information from municipalities, sports clubs and private individuals

So far, about 120 citizens have used Farncrger “Dorffunk”. Rainer Martin thinks there will be a lot more. The parents’ association “The Moles” believes it is looking for a new chair. Farncruck Gymnastics and Sports Club also uses “Dorfunk” and relies on the ability of men to recreate football with the help of the app. Building projects in Fahrenheit are also searched through the app and are provided with thermostat buttons for the heating system. The mayor hopes that such offers will not be dropped: “Of course the runaway cat is important, but it’s a shame that such messages are overused and the application is no longer used.”

The 14-day notice leaflet that appears throughout the Drow-Land district does not intend to change the use of “Uns Dbody” or “DorfFunk”. Official announcements and agendas for meetings of committees and municipal councils are still available on ‘Uns Dbody’. But especially for short-term traffic rules, use is extra and, above all, a fast media, ”says Rainer Martin.

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