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Some DSiWare games have been removed from the Nintendo 3DS eShop

Bad news for all fans DSiWareNintendo’s first study of exclusively downloadable software was born Nintendo DSI Then carried away Nintendo 3DS. Some users have noticed it Many DSiWare games have been removed from the Nintendo 3DS eShopAnd even from the official Nintendo website they are no longer available for purchase. These were published approximately until May 2011.

By clicking on the tweet above, you can find a short list of games that are still available in 3D (and if you have enough time). You no longer have to change money because you no longer accept credit cards) Super fans advise you to take.

Some (not all) games They are no longer available for purchase I:

  • Asphalt4
  • 3D space tank
  • Ara-aura climber
  • Genonia
  • Bird & Shells
  • Powerful flip champions
  • A break … Dr. Mario
  • Thriller Mr
  • The soul of darkness
  • And especially Sante: Risky’s revenge

The co-creator of Sande also commented on the story:

However, apparently some of these topics (like 3D Space Tank and Dr. Mario) are still available on the Japanese Nintendo eShop, if you are lucky enough to have an imported DSi or 3DS. It’s a little sad that Nintendo did not warn in advance, in these cases it’s not waiting like this. March 31, What are they ways?

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Source: Resetra