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In collaboration with Cruise’s Blast developer Nintendo and others – ntower

Already appearing with next week Cruise explosion New racing game for Nintendo Switch. From this Raw thrill Created, but uses Cruise-IP From Nintendo, Cruise had a branch on the N64 with the USA. Our colleagues from Nintendo-life are with us Eugene Jarvis, The man behind the 64-bit game and the new title, we have collected some interesting information that you do not want to block.

  • Cruise Blast has been an arcade game since 2017
  • John Vignochi and Nintendo’s third-party support team in the United States helped bring Raw Thrills to the Nintendo Switch. They provided feedback and tips to extend the classic arcade experience to the target audience of console gamers. They did not receive any further restrictions.
  • Despite the weak hardware, the performance team was surprised to be able to reach the Nintendo Switch version of the Cruise ‘Plastin.
  • Due to the Govit-19 epidemic, programmers and artists were stuck at home and used this time to perfect the graphics and frame rate. The creation of the game was still much needed.
  • Since console titles allow players to get the most out of every game, a significant amount of content needs to be generated compared to the arcade version. The Nintendo Switch version now has 29 tracks instead of the previous five and 23 cars instead of the Twelve. In addition, turbo curves and many more features are included.
  • If fans are interested, additional paid content may be offered on the Nintendo EShop in the future.
  • Jarvis wants to release a remake for three classic cruise arcade games, which will then shine at 1080p and 60 Hz. However, the team is also happy with the ideas shared by their fans on various social media sites.
  • Only five people were involved in the development of the Nintendo 64 Game Cruise UNA.
  • Eugene Jarvis worked with Nintendo. However, there have been a lot of changes compared to the company that existed 25 years ago, including the complexity of the test games and so on.
  • When asked if Raw Thrills ever wanted to work on console-exclusive games, Jarvis replied, “Who knows.” Anyway, the focus should be on arcade games.
  • The release of the Cruise Plast and the renewed collaboration with Nintendo open up new opportunities for Raw Thrills to try other things.
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Are you going to buy the Cruise Blast for the Nintendo Switch on September 14th?

Source: Nintendo-Life