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Spanish Development Team Stage Clear Studios – Captures My Tower

Swedish Thunder team Madrid captures development studio Stage Clear Studios Announced. This acquisition is linked to Thunderfull’s overall development strategy. It was only in March that German publisher and developer Headup became part of a group of games companies (We reported)

StageClear Studios has made a name for itself with some internal improvements and boarding work for the Nintendo Switch. Among other things, there is the Nintendo Switch version of the Spaniard Cloud Punk Participated. The total cost of the acquisition is மில்லியன் 2.5 million, depending on whether the final contract meets certain contract terms. Daniel Santos Fonseka, Managing Director of Stage Clear Studios, commented on the acquisition of Thunderful Group in a press release:


We say that there are some definitely favorite trains in life in Spain – and being part of the Thunderful team is definitely such an activity! When I met Thunderful management and they told me about their plans, I knew we had to be a part of them. We are proud and excited about the opportunity to embark on this new adventure with the Thunderful team.

Do you think Stage Clear Studios would perform better as part of the Thunderful team?

Source: Thunderful Games Newsletter

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