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Skyforge: The shadow of the Alien update now available on the Nintendo Switch

Skyforge: The shadow of the Alien update now available on the Nintendo Switch

Exceed the final limit in updating content Shadow of the Alien, Now available on the Nintendo Switch! There you will find a new open area to explore, open 18th class skills, Alien Day celebrations, a new invasion to face and more. It can also equip you for your moon landing Pathfinder packs Available at Nintendo iShop!

Thea is the Alien’s largest satellite and its first outpost. Indestructibles begin to extend a helping hand across the universe, which will be an important first step in exploring the space worlds. The Moon’s low gravity sets it apart, and its rugged, rocky terrain is very different from the lush green lands of Alien. You can explore this brand new area in your spare time, but watch out for its aggressive people (including மக்கள்meconoids!) And dangerous weather conditions like meteor showers!

The most desirable natural resources can be utilized in Thea:Allerium-9. This resource is invaluable to immortals because they can use it to gain new class skills! However, according to the information from the control tower, the alien’s enemies also see him … If you want to catch them you have to hunt the gorges!

Alirium-9 will be given for your heroic exploits on Thea. Complete the quest to earn 10,000 Alerium-9, and then challenge Kyrox’s almighty cluster to a historic boss fight. Once your opponent is defeated, you can unlock one of 18 new class skills (one per class in Skyforge). Here are some new class skills updated in Shadow Shadow:

Plants Against Alien? TheInvasion phytonutrient Has arrived, the immortals can take on new seasonal challenges and defeat the forces of evil bosses and receive exclusive rewards. Get an invasion pass to unlock more benefits throughout the invasion form divine de Wakan !

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Celebrate the six years of Skyforge Alien Day, A special event is now available until April 27th! Enjoy the festivities at Eleanor, discover new quests, and receive memento rewards by fulfilling prophecies. Unlock new outfits for Decibel, Ferserker and Furioso, New Mount and more before the event is over!

Are you ready to go where no immortal has ever set foot? Prepare yourself to land on your Moon Thea Pathfinder packs Available now on Nintendo iShop! They have unique aesthetic objects in the space theme Space case And this Pathfinder test transporter, A battle mount that allows you to go fast in dungeons and crowds of enemies.

Skyforge is now free to download from Nintendo EShop!

Important: We are committed to improving the Skyforge experience for gamers on the Nintendo Switch, and we have already made three major fixes since its launch to help alleviate some of the technical issues faced by players. If you still have problems with Skyforge on the Nintendo Switch, pleaseContact our support team Our development team can act on their resolution by providing it with more relevant information, screen shots or video resources.