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Nintendo responded to a fan asking them to add Ramon to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

A story from the early 90s

We live in an era where it is unusual to receive direct responses on social networks from companies (or rather, their PR and social media managers) or gurus in that field. Twitter e Facebook. However, at one time, fans sent paper missiles, and sometimes, you will always receive responses in the press, or in person, always by mail.

A practice we thought had disappeared in practice, but it did not show what had happened Mercy, Oh Kokora How do you call it Twitter. The girl, in fact, had to write a paper letter to someone as part of her school homework, which she did not intend to send to anyone other than Christmas. Nintendo of the United States, With a specific request.

In the good letter, as you can see from the tweet, the student inserted a map and his own plan for insertion Raman, One of Ubisoft’s best characters Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

It took a while, but finally, on March 31, a reply letter came from Grace Nintendo Himself, by the company’s public relations employee, with two beautiful bookmarks and portraits Samus Aran e Peach.

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The letter opens with a thank you for the delay in responding and the usual apology, followed by a response to the request: “I would be happy to send your advice to other departments on Nintendo“Like the whole letter, it’s a situational answer, it’s no harm, and it ends up on the table. Masahiro Sakurai, But being physically responsive will still only delight the recipient.

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As for Raman’s fate and the possible (virtual) letter to participate in Smash, we have some news. The character has been a spirit and a trophy in the past, and Ubisoft responded diplomatically in 2015 to a specific question: “We’d love to see Ramon join the Smash Brothers tournament, but now we’re happy to have won three trophies in the game.. However, the confidence of the fans is always alive.