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Nintendo Switch, surprisingly there is another indie world tomorrow: how to follow it

Nintendo Switch, surprisingly there is another indie world tomorrow: how to follow it

Nintendo Not denied, announcing an event a few hours ago: Tomorrow (April 14) at 6 p.m. In fact, the new one will air Indie World Showcase, Four months later From last dating until last December. To follow it, apply the link below.

As soon as the news arrives Announcement of the new blue color (This is a very classic “Nintendo Viola”, to be clear: GameCube) For the switch light, the hype train remains the same: there is a lot of excitement around the big N, one of the growing compulsions of arrival New switch model, Reaffirmed From major publications such as Bloomberg, And this Statements by President Shundaro Furukawa It sparked the interest of fans by pointing to a future made up of great classics, but new IPs are poised to come this year.

However, tomorrow’s event will not bring any of these bombs: it’s actually a container in which you will have the opportunity to know the titles of the independent software houses coming to Nintendo Switch. Further Time Overall very kidnapped, settling around 20 minutes.

In short, this is only an appetite: E3’s return to the horizon, which will take place in June, and Nintendo has already announced that it will participate, and who knows if there will be any other direct at that time window. Pot in the Pot is a sequel to Zelda Breath from Theroid Prime 4, which we have not known for a long time, Bayonetta 3 and all those news we do not even know the name yet, the announcement does not mention a Switch Pro: Tomorrow will not be the time to discover these, but the weather in the summer view summer Begins to heat up.

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