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Shin Megami Tenzi III Night HD Remaster - Switch - Endeavor

Shin Megami Tenzi III Night HD Remaster – Switch – Endeavor

The Atlas, which was first unveiled during the flagship Nintendo Switch press conference in January 2017, has assured us of the Shin Megami Tenzi 5, a completely new key part of the long-running game series. Four years later when it’s still long, fans don’t have to starve much longer. Meanwhile, a new version of a classic series was produced. The modernized version of the PlayStation 2 game we know in Europe as Shin Megami Tenzi III Nocturne HD Remaster, Shin Megami Tenzi III: Lucifer’s Call in Europe will be released next month. To give you the first look of the remaster, Atlas gave us the opportunity to take part in a preview event and immerse ourselves in the dark adventure.

The concept is approaching

Like many adventures from Atlas, the Japanese capital Shin Mekami is set to operate as an organization on the Tenzai III Nocturne HD Remaster. Whether you have been there before or only know from videos and other game adaptations, you are sure to recognize some of Tokyo’s landmarks. Your character can find some of the places in the foreword of the game for free, i.e. stop at Yogi Park, where you had a meeting with your friends. But they can no longer wait, you went to the hospital in front of you, where you wanted to visit your teacher.

This would be better than the rumors coming from the kiosk.

© Atlas / Sec

However, once they get there, there is no trace of the person they are looking for – otherwise the facility looks empty. Along the way you get a magazine from a reporter who deals with occult powers and discusses a rumor about the hospital. What is going on here?

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After a little research and subsequent story events, you will finally be in the middle of what is called the Spiral World. The protagonist, now a “semi-terrible” – half-human, half-demon – must find his way into this newborn world, fight with other demons, but find out what the changing world is for his side. You will meet a few characters who were introduced earlier, and you will also meet new people who will help you get closer to the truth.

The basic structure of the Shin Megami Tenzi III Nocturne HD Remaster consists of following the plot, exploring open or complex areas, and combating and recruiting demons. Anyone who has already played Shin Megami Tenzai or its sister series Persona will find their way well, but will also notice some differences to other branches during the adventure. For example, this game relies on chance encounters to start fights. In combat you will notice that the clashes are not entirely classic method based, but with effective attacks you can handle the turn sequence. If you exploit the opponent’s fundamental weakness, you are offered another step – the forerunner of the “once again” mechanic known from personality in principle.

Yes, that’s right! The weather is always crazy, isn’t it?

© Atlas / Sec

So players can enjoy this classic return, but as newbies can watch the Shin Megami Tenzai III Night HD Remaster, Atlas has taken various precautionary measures to ensure a more pleasant and early friendly game experience.

This series in general, but especially here this branch, should be mentioned first in the new “grace” mode, since its rock-hard condition is infamous for its inconvenience. This new, easy hassle can be downloaded as a free DLC for the game and is recommended for anyone who is skeptical about their abilities or wants to enjoy the story. The amount of difficulty can be changed freely at any time. The ability to cache is also included, which is especially interesting for short game sessions on the Nintendo Switch.

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In addition, there are changes in image and sound. The visual appearance of the game has been revised and a new coat of paint is applied to 3D writing patterns and environments. However, the cutscenes seem to have been taken from the original, and they are only created in small image format. It is unfortunate that the audio quality of the music does not seem to be completely updated. This is especially noticeable when compared to the newly added synchronization of characters. From what we have seen and heard so far, the localization is very clean: English or Japanese voice output with German, English, French, Italian or Spanish texts.