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Nintendo Player | SpiritForrer has released a free “Lily” update to celebrate 500,000 sales

Spiritual To celebrate the huge success of the sale, the developer has decided to release a free update.

Publisher and developer Thunder lotus Today announced the huge success of their title. In fact Spiritual Has passed 500,000 sales Worldwide. But this is not the only news revealed by the publisher, in fact The first free update of the game. The title of this update Lily update, And is available for free on all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

What you saw in this new update is here:

In addition to this small but important addition to the main Spitfire game, Stella’s memories begin to bloom like beautiful flowers in her room. These flowers are butterflies, they are lilies, butterfly spirit! Stella’s new spiritual friend becomes an important person from her past; Lily will help our hero get an overview of his life as he nears the touching end of his journey …

New writing you will see within this update The spirit of the lily butterfly, Which will guide the player through the various parts of the game. In addition, the co-op play has been improved and some bugs have been fixed. Spiritual You can find it Nintendo iShop In the digital version, the update is already available starting today.