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A boy turns an old gamecube into a flower pot ~ Pokemon Millennium

A boy turns an old gamecube into a flower pot ~ Pokemon Millennium

The idea of ​​creating GameCube Was born 1999 From Nintendo’s mind: This was the first product to use optical discs as the primary storage medium. This is especially the case with the collector’s item Is different, For which many were slandered before it was created Nitro rod, A guy who posts sports videos on YouTube. The young man actually turned the Nintendo console into vases of flowers and helped his girlfriend accomplish this project. But don’t worry: the piece is hopeless Broken.

In the shared photo Twitter The formation of the nitro rod is indestructible with a statue Pigmin, The characters of one of the first GameCube games Luigi’s House e Super Smash Brothers. The reviews received were actually a lot, so Nitro Rod had to do To justify His action confirms that the console is high now Old It can be played. So he wanted to change the function of the product: from the video game console to the vase of flowers and flesh.

This is not the first time GameCube has been transformed into something: for example, remember Discovery Issued by YouTube Technology by Matt It worked the broken console for a while and turned it into one Miniature PC, With the ability to play certain topics such as Fortnight e Counter-Strike: Global Attack.

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