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Nintendo Switch : Un responsable de Netflix explique pourquoi ils ne sont pas sur la console

The Netflix official explains why they are not on the console

The portability of the switch may seem particularly desirable in the eyes of console users who prefer an application movie like Netflix. According to Netflix, its lack of Nintendo console service is not its fault but the fault of the Japanese manufacturer.

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Netflix Nintendo Switch is not yet available and those in charge of the video streaming service are often asked about the lack of it.

During a recent Q&A session in California, Scott Mirror, Vice President Netflix The person in charge of the corporate ecosystem had to speak again on the matter.

According to him, Nintendo has so far preferred to focus on the main use of the switch, in other words the game (comments announced by the site Mobile Syrup):

When it comes to the switch, Nintendo focuses on the beginnings of its gaming, especially gaming-related machine applications, not video. Video is not a priority for them. Who knows if that will change over time. We have a good relationship with them and plan to be available in Switch. Bringing Netflix to the switch reveals an opportunity cost to both of us, but it could happen one day.

According to Netflix, the ball is in Nintendo’s court. It remains to be seen whether Kyoto will open its console to other applications in the coming months and years.

If available on Netflix Switch, would you use it? Or don’t want to use your switch for this? Let us know in the comments below.

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