Sacrifice and a new defensive solidity Bologna Pluck a tie for ten men 1-1 Al Sacuolo. Al Moby Stadium The attendance team takes the lead Soriano But after being expelled she is forced to restrain herself Hickey. More than an hour of play, Palacio And team players agree on only one goal a Caputo.

Two side first half De Serby e Mihajlovic The one lined up 4-2-3-1 in the mirror at Moby Stadium, who never left a purposeful game with construction from below. However, it costs 17 ‘for the green and black team: Magnelli Don’t miss the backpack for that Marlon, Borough He took advantage of Soriano, who signed 1-0 from a favorable position and scored his seventh goal of the season. The least fortunate is the young Hickey’s championship, when he was eliminated at the age of 30 for poor entry Multur. But Mihajlovic did not leave his attacking men out of ten: so out Swanberg And inside De Sylvester With Borough One and isolated before looking for positive changes. But from this moment on, it was Sassuolo’s monologue that dictated the pace of the match.

And the best is needed in the 48th minute Skoropsky To deny the target to Nervorty: Ferrari Download from the right, Locatelli With a definite shot he tries to surprise the pole that will save the end result of surpassing himself in diving. But even the former Roma at 52 ‘can do nothing about the coolness ahead Caputo. Djuricic Kicked from outside the area, the ball is deflected at the feet of the blue attacker who puts it in the net. At 62 Mihajlovic turns the whole attack: Outside the Pharaoh, Sanson e Arsolini; Inside Skout ton, Scow Olson e Palacio. Argentina fights off all the balls, but fails to pick up the team he wants. 74 ‘Sasulo is even more dangerous: Rogerio Crossing from the left, Marlon rises and acts on the attack plan Skoropsky. The final thrill is handed down Ferrari: Samaro His head gives the ball to him, the blue is centered and he touches the post with his left hand from the edge. One point each at Moby Stadium: Sassolo 35, ten more than Bologna. (Italpress)