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5 best deals not to be missed on Sunday

Sales take place on many e-commerce players such as Citigroup, Phoenix and Dorty. For their part, Amazon, Bowlinger, Red and some other brands offering SFR also announce offers. This Sunday is a great opportunity to find the last nails even if the stock-outs continue. It’s good to get current flash sales quickly.

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During the sale, CitiScount, Phenoc and Dorty are in the process of highlighting thousands of offers. The last markdown started a few days ago, which means some reductions could reach -80% depending on the specifications. As an extension of this sale Citigroup has stated its desire to continue its advertising.

Amazon sales have not officially taken place this year. The merchant should not participate in this activity, he is still expressing competitive offers. You can find classic discounts, they are available in thousands and you care about all product themes. Flash sales, advertisements of products of major brands that go out in a few hours are very aggressive.

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The sale was due to end on February 16 this year. However, this version is not very specific – the health environment is obligatory and traders have pointed out to the government that they have not yet sold their products beyond this period. Thus, the sale was extended for 2 additional weeks with participants Citiscount, Phenoc and Dorty. The operation will end on March 2, 2021.

Winter sales are a popular activity in France. This is the only time Citigroup, Phoenix, Dorty and other merchants can sell at a loss, allowing existing players to sell their products in bulk before re-ordering to prepare for the new season. This uniqueness justifies high discounts, as they may not be so much during other operations because websites have no right to sell at a loss for the rest of the time.

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Amazon does not participate in sales, but that does not prevent it from highlighting multiple offers. This is the position of the merchants who are officially involved in this activity. In the end, you can find nuggets on these sites, combining all types of products: DIY, gardening, fashion, hygiene, toys, culture … technology is not forgotten, many popular brands like Apple, Microsoft or Bose are targeted by reducing aggression on some e-commerce.

This sale is the perfect opportunity to do business in Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty. Anyone who wants some notes for a few months can find their account there when saving at the beginning of the year. The last markdown is active, with some discounts making prices much lower. For its part, Amazon continues to offer new ads this Sunday.

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Still (almost) 2 weeks on sale

As we described above, sales continue at Citigroup, Phoenix and Dorty. Since last year, the move has officially only lasted 4 weeks, but this version will last six weeks. So cyber-traders need to have more time to believe in selling their shares, while there is still some time to believe that the public will still capture the last available business.

As a result, sales to retailers continue this weekend when it shouldn’t be like this. Since yesterday morning, you can see new offers appearing from players outside the framework of the operation of Amazon, Bowlanger or others. For their part, Citigroup, Phoenix and Dorty are fast gaining momentum with offers that are even nicer to find online.

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This sale is a great godsend for anyone who has not yet set aside time to visit Citigroup, Phoenix or Darty. The public is accustomed to shopping online from prison in France, which is why some players attract a lot of people even without officially participating in the event. All sites should be suitable for this demand increase from the French.

However, the sale leads to a number of shortfalls from merchants who are directly involved in things like Citiscount, as well as others such as Amazon. Due to many promotional offers, some products are no longer available on online sites. This Sunday is an opportunity to find out the latest deals while there is still time.

What is the return policy for internet merchants?

At the time of sale, all online merchants must post a revenue period – this is the year-round. This allows customers to return if they are not satisfied with their order, which is another opportunity to ensure that they can return if dissatisfied. On all web sites, revenue is free and the customer benefits by getting a full refund.

If you order from Amazon, you can return an item within 30 days of delivery. On Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty and most online sites, the same period is 14 days after the order is placed. In any case, you are guaranteed to take advantage of this promising safety net when shopping on the Internet.

Sales will continue until March 2 of this year, which should have already ended. It’s time for Latocommers to save money, especially this Sunday. Since the last markdown is in effect, we already know that the prices of the target products will not fall further before the end of this edition.

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