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Samsung, PS5 - New SSD PCIe 5.0 with dual speed compared to

Samsung, PS5 – New SSD PCIe 5.0 with dual speed compared to

Samsung Presented his new SSD The PM1743 model, with PCI Express 5.0 interface, is capable of revealing Speed Twice as fast as a solid state drive PS5: I have 13.7 GB / s.

With speeds of up to 5.5GB / s, the PS5’s SSD has so far been taken as a benchmark and its performance can be further improved. Performance Thanks to the full series of sophisticated compression systems, but with the new generation of SSDs, this too will inevitably be overcome.

In this case Intel Organized a presentation using the computer with the new processor Core i9-12900K And precisely with the Samsung PM1743, then going to show the results of the tests, which, as mentioned, showed 13 GB / s.

Since the current system is not yet compatible with the PCI Express 5.0 interface and we need to purchase new configuration to access that type of technology, we are talking about future opportunities rather than an environment that is already accessible to everyone.

However, the data is clear and this type of performance can be counted even in a Windows environment within a short period of time, further reducing loading time and speeding up the streaming of assets in graphically more complex games.

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