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Warning about the dangers of brain-computer interfaces

Warning about the dangers of brain-computer interfaces

From Rhonda Bachmann
The use of brain-computer interfaces changes more and more from research to real life. It is already possible to control applications or entire systems with the help of brain waves. At one conference, the advantages but disadvantages of BCI were pointed out.

Brain-computer interfaces, BCI, have long been at home in the field of science and have been used in research and medicine. However, these brain-computer interfaces push more and more into our real daily lives. A few days ago, a cripple wrote the first tweet with his thoughts. At a hacker conference, the benefits of BCI were an issue, but so were the risks posed by technology.

BCIs can lead to legal and ethical issues

Brain-computer interfaces are one of the technologies that Elon Musk works with his startup Neuralink. Musk promised himself in 2018 “Humane sense” through research. The company is in 2020 Brain chips were tested in pigs. The FDA, the US regulatory body, has also given permission to inspect implants in humans.

Carolyn Kember, a spokeswoman for the German Research Institute for Public Administration in Spare, explained at a hacker conference that electrodes on the scalp can tell if someone is bored, focused or overworked while gaming. There are potential applications in the workplace as well. You can avoid stress and improve your concentration.

On the other hand, technology is also dangerous. By 2019, it has already been proven that glowing GIFs can cause harm to an epileptic patient. People can also be manipulated through brain-computer interfaces. In addition to manipulation, it can change identity or drive people crazy. Malicious programs or ransomware for medical devices are also dangerous.

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Technology can cause problems for ethics as well. There must be “some basic belief” to ensure that devices cannot be influenced from the outside. In addition, the previous rules for brain-computer interfaces often do not apply. The Information Technology Security Act is very specific. However, public data protection regulation only affects the processors of personal information and not the manufacturers of the products.

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