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On the web, Google Tasks now lets you view all your tasks at once

On the web, Google Tasks now lets you view all your tasks at once

Google Tasks Update on Gmail and Google Calendar now allows you to view your entire to-do list at a glance and not just groups of lists.

On the Internet, Google Tasks now lets you view all your work at once

If we are familiar with key Google services such as Gmail, Google Drive or Google Calendar, the company also offers some additional tools within its various services. This is an example of Google Tasks. If this task manager is directly aApps on Android or iOS, Which can also be found in the sidebar or calendar in your Gmail box Google Agenda On the line.

Precisely this sidebar was updated by Google. In one Web site It was released online this Thursday, indicating that the company has reviewed its Task Manager interface. Until now it was only seen as a row of check-off items in a list, but now all items from different lists can be previewed.

For example, you can create a list “Clean the apartment” With many tasks like “To vacuum”, “To dust” Where “Linen Change”. Items in these folders are already allowed to be displayed, but until then it is necessary to create multiple to-do lists and switch between them. Now, these will be displayed one on top of the other.

New version of Google Tasks

New version of Google Tasks // Source: Google

Additionally, a new tab has appeared, which allows you to view your tasks at a glance. “Favorites”, Or, in any case, what you consider most important.

A deployment that has not yet been generalized

As the site specifies 9to5Google, This update for Google Tasks is not yet applied to all users, either as personal or work accounts via Google Workspace.

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In addition, Google has not updated its Google Tasks app for smartphones to take these new features into account.

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