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Roy picks up #futsalEURO 2022: Download Complete Calendar |  5-One Sided Football Live

Roy picks up #futsalEURO 2022: Download Complete Calendar | 5-One Sided Football Live

UEFA has formalized the broadcasters for Euro 2022 scheduled for January 19 to February 6 in Amsterdam and the Groningen in the Netherlands. RAI acquired the television rights in our country. Max Italia will make their debut against Finland in Croningen on Thursday (having already met twice in the main round and won). The match against Slovenia on Monday 24th (5.30pm, again in Groningen) will be played in Groningen again at 5.30pm, before concluding the group stage against Kazakhstan on Friday 28th January. This is the full calendar:

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Calendar of Europeans
Wednesday, January 19: Group A.
Serbia v Portugal (5:30 pm, Amsterdam)
Netherlands – Ukraine (20:30, Amsterdam)

Thursday, January 20: Group B.
Kazakhstan – Slovenia (17:30, Groningen)
Italy – Finland (20:30, Groningen)

Friday, January 21: Group c
Russia – Slovakia (17:30, Amsterdam)
Poland v Croatia (20:30, Amsterdam)

Saturday, January 22: Group d
Georgia – Azerbaijan (14:30, Kroningen)
Spain v Bosnia and Herzegovina (17:30, Kroningen)

Sunday, January 23: Group A.
Serbia – Ukraine (14:30, Amsterdam)
Portugal v Netherlands (5:30 pm, Amsterdam)

Monday, January 24: Group B.
Italy – Slovenia (17:30, Groningen)
Finland – Kazakhstan (20:30, Kroningen)

Tuesday, January 25: Group c
Croatia v Russia (5:30 pm, Amsterdam)
Poland v Slovakia (20:30, Amsterdam)

Wednesday 26 January: Group d
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Georgia (17:30, Groningen)
Spain v Azerbaijan (20:30, Groningen)

Friday, January 28: Group B- Group A.
Kazakhstan – Italy (17:30, Groningen)
Slovenia – Finland (17:30, Amsterdam)
Ukraine – Portugal (20:30, Groningen)
Holland – Serbia (20:30, Amsterdam)

Saturday, January 29: Group C- Group D.
Slovakia v Croatia (2.30pm, Groningen)
Russia – Polonia (14:30, Amsterdam)
Georgia v Spain (5:30 pm, Groningen)
Azerbaijan – Bosnia and Herzegovina (17:30, Amsterdam)

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Quarter final
Monday, January 31:
QF1: Winner Group B – Second Group A (Time to be determined, Amsterdam)
QF2: Winner Group A v Second Group B (Decision Making, Amsterdam)

Tuesday, February 1:
QF3: Winner Group C – Second Group D (Decision Making, Amsterdam)
QF4: Winner Group D – Second Group C (Decision Making, Amsterdam)

Friday, February 4:
SF1: Winner QF2 – QF4 (time determined, Amsterdam)
SF2: Winner QF1 – Winner QF3 (Time to be determined: Amsterdam)

Final Third / First Place
Sunday, February 6th
Third Place Final: Loser SF1 – Loser SF2 (2.30pm, Amsterdam)

Final: Winner SF1 – Winner SF2 (17:30 Amsterdam)

Download the complete calendar