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An insider says Half-Life 3 is still in the development of a small valve group -

An insider comments that Half-Life 3 will almost shut down due to steam deck –

According to Tylver McVicker, insider of the Valve News Network, who is generally well versed in the Valve facts, he is currently Development From Half-life3 Because it almost stops Steam platform. Top teams within the organization will handle topics relevant to the new hardware (hybrid between PC and portable console).

As already announced, there may be a very small team left in Half-Life 3 that will in any case struggle to make significant progress and will not be supported by the company.

McVicker “Half-Life 2: The question everyone is asking is whether the actual sequel to Episode Two is made in Valve software. The End of Half-Life: Alix recommends a sequel to Gordon Freeman’s story for those who do not play it. The problem is, at present, there are no large groups working on anything other than a handful of hardware-compatible software. Valve is trying to launch a steam deck, which, as many have seen, is more successful than expected, so Valve is investing more in it.

Half-Life 3, Half-Life 2 Episode 3 and any kind of mouse and keyboard FPS were not built into the valve. If they are, they will be in the hands of a small number of people and the bosses will not frown because they cannot create extra value.

One of the projects in development at Valve may be Citadel, the other is a mystery at this point.