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Amurant is so popular, it may be its own genre -

Amurant is so popular, it may be its own genre –

Caitlin ‘Amurant‘Syracuse is very streamer Popular Its Pull. In fact, it is the most popular, which may be of its own type, at least according to the latest data of the time broadcasts that users watch. Even stars like Pokemon and Chad Dummy can’t resist it.

According to the latest Information Processed by StreamElements, Amurant receives an average of three million hours of views per month, which stands at 1.7 million on Pokemon and no more than 1.5 million on SadDummy.

All the genres he touches reach new ones Registration, From that hot tub to board games, goes through the infamous live ASMR. Chiracusa, who is active in many genres, loves to wander by herself. Apparently Twitch hosts, for the most part, find it enjoyable, despite some mockery.

Amurant is the most successful streamer in Twitch

His own Amurant is clear that this success will not last forever and has already prepared a retirement plan. Of course, it is clear that if he had these numbers, he would retire in a number of years.

Although it is undoubtedly the number one streamer in many hours of viewing streamer, I have to say that it lags far behind streamers. To get to the top 10, you have to watch it for about 2 million hours. Some are not.

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