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Robot vacuums are completely out of control due to the update

Robot vacuums are completely out of control due to the update

A robot vacuum cleaner. – Pixabay / ron2025

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Robot vacuum cleaners Reports suggest that the Rumba i7 and S9 had an unpleasant surprise that their device was out of control On the edge, Related 01 Net.

This Deactivation This is due to the latest 3.12.8 firmware update, which caused some navigation issues. According to many who have spoken out about their problem on Reddit and Twitter, their vacuum cleaner behaves as if it were “drunk”.

3.12.8 Timeless video trying to return to the clean base of i7 + after the update. More than 15 minutes later, the rumba stopped due to low battery and the dock failed. From r / Rumba

Wait for the next update

In one video, we see a robot crashing into walls and furniture, circling and taking impossible paths. Even planes cannot reach their base. Fortunately, not all devices of this model are affected.

Although Europot has stepped in to get an update on infected robots, their owners have not noticed a change. So they have to wait for the next update to regain all the capabilities of the vacuum cleaner. According to information from The Edge, this update should come in the coming weeks.

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