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Outsider Demo: Download the demo on the Xbox here!  |  Xbox One

Outsider Demo: Download the demo on the Xbox here! | Xbox One

Earlier this year, People Can Fly Studio announced it was postponing outriders, while promising players interested in trying. In line with the announcement of postponing its release date to April, Development Studio announced the launch of a demo that will be operational from February 25th.

So the Xbox One, Xbox Series X | The Outer Riders demo is available from 6pm on S, PS5, PS4, Steam and GeForce Now. There are developers Confident Outsiders on the Xbox Series S include 4K and 60 FPS.

> Download the demo on Xbox

Some features of this demo

  • Adiders Demo is free.
  • It gives you the opportunity to play cross game and broadcast your games.
  • Plan up to 22GB if you play on a home console and up to 24GB if you use a PC.
  • It is possible to read the preface and the opening chapter. Tess will take you to the confrontation with Cas.
  • There are 4 classes and 6 writing spaces.
  • The writing level is closed at level 7, which allows you to unlock the fourth level.
  • If your progress is on the same platform, you will be transferred to the final game.

As a reminder, this demo is available to everyone, unlike the beta that is reserved for a few users. Xbox Series X | This game is also optimized for S.

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