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He was killed in an accident and his Google Pixel saves his life by calling for help

He was killed in an accident and his Google Pixel saves his life by calling for help

Le Google Pixel 4A (Description) – Christoph Cefrin / 20 min

The crash detection system of the smartphone Google Pixel a
Safe Life in Missouri (
United States) Was injured in November 2020 at his home. Emergency services quickly intervened with the Pixel 4L owner because they were automatically alerted
திறன்பேசி, Communication 9to5Google. That person described this Tuesday
Reddit The shock caused loss of consciousness.

A voice in my ear

The excavation he was using for work collapsed and fell into a ditch and struck it. The American later learned that he had broken seven ribs and four thoracic vertebrae. When he regained consciousness, he felt severe pain, found that he could not move, and his smartphone was thrown from him.

Then he started screaming and was surprised to hear the rescuer’s voice on his Bluetooth ear. The latter had already sent an ambulance to the victim, which arrived a few minutes later. His life was partially saved by his phone call to 911 Location.

A unique system

The victim implemented the procedure just two weeks ago. The device, originally designed to provide car accident warning, is available in all pixels from Model 3 onwards. When the computer is triggered, it makes an intense vibration and sounds loud for 60 seconds, illuminating Phonandroid.

If the owner of the phone says it’s okay, it will shut down immediately. If it calls for help, the system contacts emergency services. If no action is detected it acts in the same way and interacts with the geographical coordinates of its location.

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