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Review the E3 presentation focusing on the switch

Review the E3 presentation focusing on the switch

Ahead of the France-Germany gala at Euro 2020, Nintendo hosted a live presentation on this important E3 period. The switch-centric show lasted 40 minutes.

Tonight, the French team begins its Euro 2020 against Germany with an already decisive shock. But the crazy evening started a few hours ago because this Tuesday, June 15, Nintendo hosted its E3 2021 conference. We had a somewhat disappointing show and luckily stopped by the much anticipated new films The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath2.

How to follow Nintendo Direct?

To watch the presentation live, no need to get up late: Meet at 6pm, which is hot enough before a football match that no one wants to miss. We know the duration of the event: 40 minutes.

  • When? June 15, 2021 French time at 6 p.m .;
  • Where? Here, Nintendo website Or on Web light ;
  • What? Nintendo Conference focused on Nintendo Switch innovations.
Nintendo Direct ‘E3 2021’ // Source: Nintendo

What to expect from Nintendo’s E3 conference?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, or Ryan

The new Nintendo Direct, about 40 minutes dedicated exclusively to Nintendo Switch games, will be released mainly in 2021. », Guarantees the manufacturer The Japanese. So we need to know The calendar of Christmas innovations, there are still six months and knowing that the releases of the first semester are not very strong.

One game that crystallizes expectations is even more specific: The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath2, Announced a long time ago … The best game of the previous decade We missed the February meeting and we all hope he finally reveals another look. Imagine a big trailer with a game and release date for this year: Nintendo will be good enough to win its E3 2021. Keep in mind that this year Zelda Saga is celebrating its 35th anniversary.

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Other candidates for breach of peace include: Bayonetta3 And Metro Prime4, Both of these were formalized … 2017. Nintendo will inspire you to bring these two exclusives off the shelf.

La Nintendo Switch Pro?

Anger The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath2Switch Pro – Big odds related to the review of a new more powerful model. Time seems to be running out: showing an ambitious game will be the adventure of connecting to the console in the future. Considering the rumors involved, it looks like Switch Pro is cutting the title The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath2. With such twins, it’s hard to say that Nintendo missed its E3.

However, Nintendo’s explanation is very clear: we need to attend an event. ” Dedicated exclusively to sports .

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