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How to transfer data from Pokemon Unite, Nintendo Switch to mobile devices

How to transfer data from Pokemon Unite, Nintendo Switch to mobile devices

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Pokemon Company e Timmy Studio Team They have Given New details on how Switch your progress between the mobile versions of the Nintendo Switch and the Pokemon Unit.

If you are running the mobile version for the first time, You must sign in to a Nintendo account or Pokemon Trainer Club that was previously linked to the Nintendo Switch version.. This way, your progress will be automatically switched between the switch version and the version for your device.

Doers Reverse pathThat is, he first finds himself playing on a mobile and then wants to bring his progress to the Nintendo Switch, he has to make sure of that. The mobile (or other device) version is linked to a Nintendo account or Pokemon Coach Club account. You must sign in to your Nintendo account using a Nintendo Switch profile.

The only real problem can arise if you start playing any version Before importing the stored data. Before reversing the progress of Pokemon Unit, You will need to uninstall and download it again To make the process work again.

As you know, Pokemon Unite is available Already a few months on the Nintendo Switch, During version Mobile devices Just arrived yesterday September 22 on both iOS and Android. Also, there are Pokemon Unit downloads recently Exceeded nine million And all players will receive AOS tickets to celebrate.

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Did you download Pokemon Unit for your mobile devices? Have you successfully transferred your progress from one version to another?

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