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Nintendo reveals game of its next winning move

Nintendo reveals game of its next winning move

A legend finally returns to the Nintendo Switch. (Image source: Nintendo, Getty Images / Stockfor)

As part of the Nintendo Direct, some new games and content have been re-announced. Monster Hunter, Kirby, Splatoon 3, Bayonetta 3 and many more – you can find the most important information here.

These are the highlights of the Nintendo Direct


Four long years later, Nintendo finally offers more than a teaser for the Bayonet 3. The expected release for 2022 has also been confirmed.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunrise

Monster Hunter Rice gets its first big paid DLC. Many new monsters and stories are waiting to kill and enjoy you from next summer.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

For the first time in the history of the pink kissing ball, Kirby enters the 3D world. Like Super Mario Odyssey and other popular genre representatives, you can go free from the spring of 2022.


The latest trailer for the upcoming My Shooter Splatoon 3 sheds more light on the plot. The arrival of mammals (mammals) may shake the Inglingen-dominated civilization.

What other announcements are there?

Aside from the first gameplay trailers and new information that fans have been waiting for a long time, there are some other good announcements. And Notices for announcements.

  • Animal Abduction: New Horizons receives a major content update in November. A separate direct was announced for October, but the teaser already shows an interesting thing: Coffee His cafe in the museum will reopen.

  • Mario Party Superstars has shown a new trailer. It offers more retro game boards and mini-games.

  • Disco Elysium: The final cut gets a switch board. It should be available from October 12th.

  • Voice of the Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars Morning 28. October. Das Square Enix game Near comes from the makers’ pen

  • Super Smash Brothers Ultimate presents its final DLC Fighter on its own Direct in October.

In addition, the next DLC for Hirul Warriors was awarded, which is said to be on the way to a fun racer with ultimate fantasy characters and gets a Dying Light 2 Boarding for the switch.

In the comments of Reddit and the new trailer, fans seem to agree: a lot of great games are coming! Many agree that they were completely hyped because of the first sporting object for the Bayonetta 3 or the first 3D platform for Kirby.

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