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Release of OPPO Find X5 Range: The latest series of smartphones are in pre-order!

Release of OPPO Find X5 Range: The latest series of smartphones are in pre-order!

Announced late last monthOPPO Find X5 Pro And his younger brother is expected on March 24th. A few weeks before the release, this new range signed by OPPO already benefits from promotional offers on SFR. These offers can cause multiple cracks, especially for parallel seekers Attached clock And other accessories. We explain to you.

Summarize the OPPO Find X5 range

This new range was successful in last year’s OPPO Find X3 and X3 Pro. The Find X5 and Find X5 Pro are the best OPPO can offer right now. The Pro model is fitted with the latest chip Snapdragon 8G1 from Qualcomm, the Find X5 is equipped with the Snapdragon 888 chip, which features the Find X3 Pro and is even more powerful. Another surprise of this year’s OPPO is its collaboration with Hasselblad and its integration. Calibration From Colors. Like fellow OnePlus, OPPO has teamed up with renowned camera company for at least the next three years to enhance the photographic capabilities of its Find Series flagships.

The flagship Find X5 Duo brings a number of improvements this year. OPPO has added its SuperVOOC 80W faster charging Smartphones, Allowing both models to recharge 50% in just 12 minutes. The batteries are larger than last year and are designed to last longer. The phones have a very recognizable design, in the find range, they are very beautiful, and the Find X5 Pro is grateful for its finish. Ceramic. Find X5 has no ceramic finish but a System Matte glass to avoid fingerprints.

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An offer Early adopters Not to be missed in the SFR

To celebrate the launch of Find X5, SFR offers up to € 380 worth of parts for any pre-order. Watch free attached watch, with X5 Listeners Enco X and a shell Kevlar Will be provided to you. If you choose Find X5 Pro, the AirVOOC Induction Charger will be included in this nice package! Don’t wait any longer, this offer is valid till March 23 on SFR website.

Article co-produced with SFR