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Great alternative to Dropbox

Great alternative to Dropbox

Free up space on your devices. This is the main function of pCloud. But not only that. This hosting service is very secure in Europe, and it is good for many platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS …). If the European supplier is less known than Dropbox, its rise is Meteor! This can be explained by a variety of factors: complete security, intuitive interface, data center in Luxembourg and lifetime formula.

Benefits of saving files online

Storage up to 10 GB. PCloud will be provided once you register (only 2GB with Dropbox). By completing a few steps, you can easily get up to 10GB (e.g. downloading the app, uploading files, downloading automatically on your mobile, etc.). Aren’t they saying that the first opinion is always correct? In addition to this attractive offer, it must be acknowledged that storing content online is becoming more common. The reason? The need for storage in our everyday devices (smartphone, computer, tablet). As technological advances in recent years have been significant, more and more people are enjoying filming life moments: concerts, restaurants, holidays … especially now that some smartphones are able to compete with cameras and cameras. The problem is, these contents take up space in HD, 4K and other definitions. For this, pCloud allows you to, for example, store your content directly in the cloud via your phone. Additionally, you can sync your files to your smartphone, computer or tablet in seconds. So you can start reading a document on your computer and then switch to another device.

Is it not always easy for you to sort your files? dont fear ! pCloud offers solution: Recycling tank history up to 30 days! No more worries, now recovering deleted file will be done with one click.

To ensure the security of your documents, pCloud will automatically copy your data to at least three different servers. Therefore, there is no risk of losing your content if you spit on one of the servers. With TLS / SSL channel security, your sensitive data is protected. It is not possible for a cyber criminal to access your personal information. Especially with pCloud Crypto’s goofy military quality encryption option

Lifetime offer that combines simplicity and security

As a true European alternative to Dropbox, pCloud has many other assets besides a large storage capacity: automated backups, complete security (data is in the EU), incredibly simple interface to use and the ability to backup from all devices (such as smartphones, tablets, computers). It is also possible to use multiple sharing options due to the pCloud applications and web interface. With pCloud you can watch videos, but also listen to music and create playlists streaming or immediately after downloading. Since all of these are pCloud, the file hosting service that provides the best speed for downloading and uploading files (no limit on file size or download speeds).

Whatever your need, Hosting service Thought about you! In addition to the free offer with up to 10GB of storage, pCloud offers three types of subscriptions: monthly, annual and lifetime. This last formula is obviously very interesting because it allows unlimited and secure access to its data at a very low cost.

As we said a while ago, 10GB is free, with no time limit, you can determine your mind by fully testing pCloud. 100% European service but available worldwide! To find out all its benefits, do not hesitate to create your own account

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