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Download YouTube Vanced (Free) Android

Download YouTube Vanced (Free) Android

Enjoy the benefits of YouTube Premium on Android for free for a few more days YouTube Vanced Apps offers. Following Google’s threats, it will soon disappear.

When using YouTube, you must acknowledge the presence of ads in order to enjoy the video content posted on the site. Places that are aired before, during, and after watching a video can quickly become annoying. To avoid this, Google is offering a free premium YouTube service for three months, after which it will be charged the same at 11.99 euros per month. The YouTube Vanced processor is designed to avoid these inconveniences. This is the “mode” of Google’s original YouTube application for mobile. It takes design and all aspects, but with some notable minor advantages. It embeds an ad blocker, which allows you to enjoy the whole of YouTube without the slightest hint of advertising. Additionally, the YouTube OnConference also includes a functionality specific to the premium version of the Google service: it makes it possible to switch apps to background work or even keep the smartphone on hold without interrupting playback of content. Enough to satisfy those who use music playlists from YouTube … many activities that increase the anger of Google. To the extent that YouTube sends formal notification to Vanced developers. These should remove any reference to YouTube and the logo of the streaming service in their application. Impossible surgery. As mentioned on their Twitter account on Sunday March 13th, the developers of the app want to stop there. “VanCet stopped. Over the next few days, the download links on the site will be removed. We know this is not something you want to hear, but something we need to do. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years. “Says the creators.

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The APK file is available for download and installation outside the Google PlayStore, so YouTube Vanced is about to leave the show. Download links have already disappeared from the website and application development has stopped. You can always continue to download and install YouTube Vance from our Downloads section (To learn how to install the application in the APK file, read our practice sheet). Especially those who already have YouTube Vance installed on their mobile should continue to use it. Still need to see how long.