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Release Date with Trailer Released -

Release Date with Trailer Released –

Atlas announced 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim The Nintendo Switch will also be released next year. The official release date is April 12, 2022 To the West. The PS4 version of this game is currently available. The development team has also released the official trailer, which you can watch above.

The Trailer The 13 Sentinels Aegis rim allows for a more detailed look at Vanilla’s typical graphic style. Immediately, the game received awards, which were praised by viewers and critics for its storyline and RTS game dynamics. The film continues by presenting the basic characteristics of the game such as the presence of 13 characters (hence the title), which gives us a different view of the plot and events. In conclusion, video 13 Sentinels reveals the release date of Aegis Rim, which, as mentioned, is April 12, 2022.

In our review we told you: “13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is a fantastic game to watch, fun to discover and fun to play while in battle. Repeating himself during fights for long periods of time.We face a cleverly structured conspiracy for others.

“The same minimalist style of confrontation that takes place on the pitch is perfectly integrated into the structure, immersing us in the beauty of its structure and the depth of the story, leaving the translators in need of applause. Within thirty hours of finishing the game the story is an important part, but strategists will be satisfied with the many battles that come with the story. Needless to say, Sentinels: Aegis Rim But if you & # 39; ve never heard of a studio looking for a well – told science fiction story, let’s be inspired by Comedian.

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