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Resident Evil 4 remake, Wesker's cast reveals game development and shows a work of art -

Resident Evil 4 remake, Wesker’s cast reveals game development and shows a work of art –

Resident Evil 4 remake Is Development. It was not the passerby who said it. But actor DC Douglas did not just reveal what he offered his features Albert Wesker, But he also submitted the character’s artwork, which, as he himself admits, may have broken the NDA that signed with Capcom.

Resident Evil 4 remake, Wesker artwork

At this point it can be said that the Japanese publisher’s confirmation is a pure ritual. Douglas’ departure actually confirms many rumors that have occurred in recent months. It remains to be seen how Capcom will respond to this sensational leak.

Douglas, who flipped through the artwork, asked his contact not to publish it as there was a risk of being sued by Capcom. Since he is everywhere now, he must have relied on the wrong person. Who wouldn’t betray someone who trusts you for web fame these days?

Whatever it is, it is fair to say News Be careful, since this is not official. Of course, everyone makes decisions that they consider most appropriate.

While waiting for the remake of Resident Evil 4, you can relaunch Resident Evil Village, which was nominated for the GOTY list of the 2021 Game Awards.

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