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Design ideas for a narrow city garden

Design ideas for a narrow city garden

This unusually large home garden is located in the middle of Frankfurt am Main. After a major renovation of the listed residential building, the owners are now looking for a suitable solution for the garden. Originally designed as a kitchen garden, the lush area is now being transformed into a charming, atmospheric city garden.

Tip 1: Warm colors in classic style

A few tricks can help cancel out the long-term effect of the garden. Two man-made hedges, laid across the longitudinal direction, divide the property into smaller rooms. It was visually compressed and overall not immediately apparent. Evergreen Holly was chosen as the ‘Blue Prince’ hedge plant. Also, the display is interrupted by two round curves. The back area is covered with cream colored Rambler Rose ‘Teasing Georgia’ which is a beautiful accent with its double, fragrant flowers from June until frost.

In the middle, a straight, one-meter-wide path made of red clinker stone leads to the elevated area two steps from the front terrace, where it turns into a gravel surface. The seat is also given here. The red-leafed Japanese maple is a spectacular sight with its beautiful growth and dense leaf color at the end of the path. In addition, two small Japanese maple shrubs ‘Shina’ are identical foliage.

The color is focused on red and yellow tones, which shine brightly on sunny autumn days. Tall perennials like Golden Aster ‘Sunshine’, Sun Bright and Perennial Sunflower are set in the background. Low-growing flowers such as candle knotweed ‘Blackfield’, someone ‘Coronation Gold’ and white felberry adorn the roadside.

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At the point where the main path crosses, a hedge intersects the Myrtle path. In between, the soft stems of the lamp cleaner grass ‘Maudry’ and the hedge myrtle cut in the shape of a ball will loosen the plantings and make it more attractive in winter. If you allow the faded perennials to stand in the winter, there will be no gaps in the bed until spring.

Tip 2: Elegant look in white

Management and light colors determine the second design and give it a modern character. Two multi-stemmed white-barred Himalayan birches ‘Turanbose’ are planted to create the scaffolding, bathing the garden in warm light with the golden color of the leaves in the fall. The pure white trunks form a nice contrast with the dense undergrowth of the brown-black purple beads ‘mocha’ and the purple plant ‘purple emperor’.

The bed with the wooden fence grows a variety of perennials and ornamental grasses, stretching loosely along the tread-plate path in the meadow. The difference in height in the rear area is overcome by two steps, and the lower wall marks the change in this area of ​​the garden. In addition, there are two Chinese reed grasses belonging to the genus Hermann Mussel, which grows small. The grass is characterized by its beautiful, curved shallow growth and loosens the autumn garden.

A small submerged garden was created in the meadow, which was shallower than 40 cm and accessible via a step. The wooden pad on one side invites you to sit down. From here you can enjoy the water bowl nearby. Submerged garden, set in gravel, planted with beautiful New Zealand wind grass and low mattress silver diamond. Next to it, in front of the hedge, the white candle speedwell grows in a dense garden, which immediately catches the eye with its tightly erect floral candles. There is another seat on the wooden bench in front of the small wall and is framed by white willowherp ‘album’ on both sides.

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